What is Meta tags Cache?

how-to-scrape-meta-tags-cache | sahad sarang

When we share your Website link on social media platforms we see your meta og data-title description and image. What if you have updated the meta og data but still when you share the website link with others it shows your old meta og data? How to fixed that

How to Scrape Meta tags Cache?

For Facebook Whatsapp social sharing you have to use this tool


Image Courtesy – Facebook for Developers

Steps :

1. How to use this tool just add your website link and click on debug

2. Scroll down and Click on Scrap again check below screenshot. Done 🙂

For Twitter you have to use this tool


Image Courtesy – Twitter


  1. Add your link and click on the preview card button & Check logs done. 🙂

Image Courtesy – Twitter

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