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  • Gmail Less Secure Apps
    Google announced Less Secure Apps Feature will get disabled after 30th May 2022 If you are using Gmail Account SMTP details to send mail You will face difficulty while sending emails What Is Less Secure Apps Gmail? Less Secure Apps is a feature in your Gmail Account that allows your Websites/Applications and devices to sign […]
  • Free SSl using Cloudflare?
    What is Cloudflare? Cloudflare is a global network designed to make everything you connect to the Internet secure, private, fast, and reliable. Secure your Apps, Api and Websites. Protect Large Companies Networks and devices. Write and deploy code that runs on the network edge. How to get Free SSL Cloudflare? Create an account on Cloudflare […]
  • Prevent Videos From Pre-loading On Mobile
    The video looping background looks good on the first frame of the website. Normally the looping or autoplay videos come on the first fold of the website to give a short presentation of your products or services it will look good on the large screen especially. The video with animations will be large size files […]
  • Best Image Compression Tools For Pagespeed Optimization
    Every website require images especially to present your data properly to the audience. We normally add Hd Quality images to give a good look but it slows down your website. I will show the best image compression tools that will not loose your image quality. This tools will help you to increase pagespeed of your […]
  • How to Convert Images to Webp Format | Page Speed Insight | WordPress
    what is webp? Webp format is an image format saved with extension .webp. Webp is developed by Google for web graphics. It is developed to reduced image file size without losing the image quality. webp images can be downloaded more faster than jpeg images. Webp Browsers Support Webp browsers support reference link: https://caniuse.com/#feat=webp We have […]
  • Google Chrome is testing new features that help you explore and share faster
    Google Chrome Testing out new ways to explore and share through google chrome. In Chrome Beta you can test the best feature before it will hit the main platform. Chrome Beta release some upcoming cool features that can help you to explore easily Features List Get things faster than on a new tab Keep searching […]
  • Alexa Plugin for WordPress
    Amazon¬†Alexa WordPress¬†plugin can be used for your WordPress posts it will be an interesting thing for readers to listen to your posts on the blog. This Alexa WordPress Plugin will create an audio version of your posts and the best part is you can choose multiple languages for audio. How it will look on your […]
  • How to use Google fonts on your Website?
    Google fonts provide free fonts to UI Designer & UX developers which they can use on Websites/Apps/Products. Google Fonts has given easy methods to install web fonts on your website. How to Install Google Fonts on your Website? There are two ways to use google fonts on your website 1. Google fonts CDN2. Download and use […]
  • What is Meta tags Cache?
    When we share your Website link on social media platforms we see your meta og data-title description and image. What if you have updated the meta og data but still when you share the website link with others it shows your old meta og data? How to fixed that How to Scrape Meta tags Cache? […]